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Toxic smoke of household cooking kills one person prematurely every 6 seconds, that is 4.300.000 people every year. The worst part is that it is a very unknown problem, but still kills more than HIV/AIDS and Malaria combined. Therefore, we are changing the lives of millions of people in four important ways.

Toxic smoke of household cooking with charcoal or paraffin kills 4,3 million people annually (more than HIV/AIDS and Malaria combined). It also accounts for more than 15% of all global CO2 emission. Thanks to the gasifying process in our stoves the fuel burns smoke free, without the toxic vapors of ‘the silent killer in the kitchen’.


For those at the base of the pyramid, up to 40% of the household income is spent on fuel. Money that is saved using the wood pellets that our stoves are using, instead of the expensive paraffin, electricity or gas. Our social enterprise model makes the partially sponsored stoves affordable for even the poorest of the poor giving them the possibility to improve their lives.


South Africa alone faces 45.000 township fires per year. Many are caused by unsafe cooking on open fire or stoves that use highly flammable toxic fluids. The neat and stable Clean Cook stoves, that works on easy to use woodpellets, prevents disastrous household fires in the vulnerable informal settlements.


Basic knowledge of nutrition and food is lacking for the bigger part for those who would benefit most. Our alliance with local NGO’s and educational institutions ensure people get educated how to most efficiently cook on the stove and what diet choices they have available. Every new woman buying a Clean Cook stove will attend one or more health workshops.

Clean Cooking Revolutionaries

the team behind the Clean, Cheap, Safe & Healthy Cooking Revolution
Huub van Zwieten
Huub van Zwieten
Founder Clean Cooking Revolution
Dutch serial entrepreneur, living both in Capetown and Amsterdam, connecting the dots and putting dreams and vision into action.
Birgit Nollen
Birgit Nollen
Floris van den Toorn
Floris van den Toorn
Clean cooking angels
Clean cooking angels
We’re looking for you!
Our Clean Cookstoves are best sold by people who know the benefits and user friendliness from their own experience. That’s why we are looking for women that use the stove and want to get others interested as well. Interested? Send us an email. (1 billion!) clean and affordable stoves needed

source: World Health Organization (WHO)

the best stoves around

as tested by the UN Alliance of Clean Cookstoves/ Colorado State University Advanced Biomass Test Lab

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (initiated by Hillary Clinton), puts all the Clean Cook Stoves around the globe, to the test. We only work with their best tested cookstoves. Next to that, we make them affordable , with our innovative social enterprise model that ensures the stoves to be partly sponsored and thus in reach for even the poorest among us, who need them the most.

  • Efficiency: the most energy for the food
  • emmision: no smoke because of gasifying
  • indoor emission: use them safely indoors
  • most affordable stove

Actress Julia Roberts says "Cooking shouldn't kill"

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