September 22, 2017

Become a Masterchef


…running a restaurant by yourself for a day. Having a venue full of guests enjoying your favourites dishes. Your guests, your night, your menu. Doesn’t that sound inspiring? This could now be a reality, with the help of Clean Cooking Revolution. And by realising your dream, you help Clean Cooking Revolution realising their mission of cleaner, healthier and safer cooking in the underprivileged areas of the world.

Find a suitable restaurant (with our help our on your own).
We are constantly looking for restaurants to join the Clean Cooking Revolution and host your special night. You can also download our material on the Master Chef Support resources page to recruit your own favourite place. We put down all the reasons for them to participate. The facts, the costs (none) and the benefits (a lot) for them. And why it is so much fun to join in.

Build a team (or go solo)
Some aspiring Master Chefs get help, others prefer to work alone. Help can be useful in the kitchen or in organizing the evening, recruiting the guests or setting the scene. It’s you that determines who’s on your team.

chef2Preparation and price
Together with the restaurant owner and/ or Chef, you decide what the menu is going to look like and what the food needs to cost for the guests. Every guest will pay an additional fee (eq to $30,-) to support Clean Cooking Revolution.
You prepare everything just the way you like it. After all, you are the Master Chef.

Do I qualify?
What do you think? Can you do this? Are you the Master Chef that can make your evening special? Convince us in the form below.

Filling up the place
Besides being that talented Master Chef you also need to think as a marketeer to make sure your restaurant is fully booked for that special night! Maybe adding a recruiter to your team is a good idea, or you can find support in our mail templates, invitation samples and other stuff on the Master Chef Support resources page.

Are you ready? Fill in the form and take the next step:

Yes, I would love to become a Master Chef for a Day!