December 12, 2017

Clean cookstove

Our Clean Cookstoves
Over 3 billion people inhale toxic smoke daily. The toxic smoke is a ‘killer in the kitchen’ and paraffin stoves tip over easily, which causes fires and burns on women and children. Those who cook on electricity face high energy bills, if electricity is even available. Clean Cookstoves provide a solution to this status quo; they are safer, cleaner, cheaper and faster.

High Quality
The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, initiated by Hillary Clinton, puts all the Clean Cook Stoves around the globe, to the test.  Our stoves have been tested as one of the best. For more information visit

A common issue with current stoves is the instability. They often tip over and start a fire, causing people to loose everything they have. Clean Cook Stoves have a stable cooking platform and are made of robust materials that make them a safe option.

Smoke Free
Our cookstoves are gasifying stoves. This implies that instead of burning the wood directly (like in an open fire) the wood is transformed into gas, due to extreme high temperatures. The extracted wood gasses burn as a nice and clean flame, letting no toxic vapors escape. This enables people to cook inside their home safely and faster than other cooking alternatives.

Solar Powered
Many households have no access to electricity. Our stoves are operated by solar power, using a solar panel that can be mounted on the roof of people’s homes. This is not only a sustainable, but also cheap solution.

Locally Produced
The stoves have been designed and engineered from the ground up, focusing on making them user friendly, durable and affordable. By using local mass production facilities and techniques we are able to offer them at an unparalleled price performance.


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