February 4, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How and where do users get the wood pellets, the fuel for the stoves?

We set up a distribution channel of Clean Cooking Hubs, to provide users with the wood pellets, which we will produce in partnership with expert companies. The pellets will be sold in the designated Clean Cooking Hubs, but also in existing formal (existing chains) and non-formal (tuckshops/ spaza shops) retail channels. Next to these outlets, sourced by us, wood pellets can be bought in specialized shops in and around the big cities, but that’s too much hassle and travel for our target audience. Besides that the price there will be higher.

What are the costs of the wood pellets?

Our price of ZAR 7 (€ 0,45) per kg is below the retail price in specialized stores. We are able to do so, because we will set up the production ourselves. One household will need around 20 kg per week, which helps them to save around ZAR 200-300 per month, for the vast majority this means adding an extra month of income per year to the household budget, a huge change.

How long does the fan last on the battery?

Fan run times with the 5000mAh Battery are:
Low fan speed (0):           28 hours
High fan speed (max):     9 hours

Do the stoves only work with the woodpellets, or can you also put other stuff in it, like wood or animal dung?

The wood pellets are ideal and with them we can really guarantee the cleaner emission.  
Wood, dried animal dung, paper or waste might also burn, but never as clean as wood pellets.

Don’t ever throw charcoal into the stove, as this is bad for the stove and also dangerous because it wil cause bad CO emission. Dangerous for your health and for those around you!

How long does the Clean Cookstove burn?

The stove filled with approximately 800 gram of woodpellets and will burn about 1 to 1.5 hour.

How long does the Clean Cookstove last?

The stove itself will last for about five to ten years, where small parts may be replaced when necessary.

Where are the Clean Cookstove‘s produced?

The Clean Cookstoves are produced in a specialized factories throughout South Africa, that also produces household appliance. This professional production facilities applies to all safety and working regulations and is able to produce the Clean Cookstoves in high quantities and in a constant quality.  

Can they be equipped with a solar panel?

The Clean Cookstoves can come with a solar panel, to charge the rechargeable battery pack when electricity is not around.

What’s the price of the Clean Cookstoves for the end users in the townships?

In order to create a commitment of the user, who has to change her cooking habits, we don’t give the stoves away. Because we want to make them available and affordable for the masses, we only charge a small fee of ZAR 350, giving them a discount of 75% on the retail price of ZAR 1500,-


More questions? Maybe you’re not the only one. Please share them with us, so we can inform you on this page as extensively as possible.