October 12, 2016

Looking for a great corporate Christmas gift?

Maybe something for you or the boss to organise, or something to involve all your colleagues or maybe you’re looking for something to even involve your clients and suppliers?


Why not support our Clean Cooking Revolution and get your company to sponsor stoves for 10 South African families?

Actress Julia Roberts says “Cooking shouldn’t kill“, but it does…..

  • Globally 1 BILLION clean and affordable stoves are needed (Source: World Health Organization)
  • More than 4 Million people die every year worldwide due to toxic smoke of household cooking
  • The 45.000+ shack fires in South Africa cause massive drama, destruction and more loss of life

We are an impact driven, social venture that wants to improve lives in townships in multiple ways and we need your help! Please choose from the following 5 sponsor options below:

  1. For R 4,500* your company sponsors 1/2 of the price of 10 stoves
  2. For R 9,000 your company sponsors all 10 stoves in full
  3. For R 22,500 your company sponsors all 25 stoves in full
  4. For R 45,000 your company sponsors all 50 stoves in full
  5. For R 90,000 your company sponsors all 100 stoves in full

We can also discuss alternative arrangements, maybe you want to buy the stoves for your staff or maybe for your staff to hand out to their domestic, gardener or nanny, let’s talk?

* The recommended retail price of our stove is R1500 but we sell them in phase 1 (2016 / 2017) at R900 and are in need of corporate sponsors for R450 per stove. Our on the ground angels have already sourced families that are ready and capable of paying the remaining R450.

From our side we’ll make sure to send you a Tax invoice and a donation certificate and we’ll also feature your company name and donation on our website together with a Big Thank You note on our social media channels.

PS Even if you decide not to support us this time, please make sure to spread the news of our Clean Cooking Revolution. Tell your staff members or business relations about us in your newsletter and maybe like or share our Facebook posts and make sure to retweet or tag us also (#CleanCookingSA).

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? The Clean Cooking team would love to hear from you so please use the contact options below. Thanks in advance for your interest!