February 17, 2016

Clean, safe, healthy and cheaper cooking in Kayamandi – supplying 1000 cookstoves

KayamandiIn a joint effort of the community and businesses of Stellenbosch – we are changing the face of Stellenbosch’ township Kayamandi, where over 25.000 people are living in shacks and wooden houses, right near the tasteful winelands, Stellenbosch University and the beautiful city full of character.

Kayamandi means “nice home” in the Xhosa language, from khaya meaning “home” and mnandi meaning “nice”. It was founded in the early 1950s as part of the increased segregation during the apartheid regime. It was originally built to house exclusively black migrant male labourers employed on the farms in the Stellenbosch area. In 1966, the nine largest employers in the Stellenbosch district including Stellenbosch University, the town administration, several vineyards and a fruit packing company united to erect 38 ready-made homes, so called hostels.

kayamandisouthafricaToday Kayamandi is the home of people working in the neighbourhood, for the numerous winefarms and other companies as well as domestic workers. There are many interesting projects done by young and old people of Kayamandi, such as Kayamandi Arts and Culture Festival.
There are 4 schools in Kayamandi, about 27 registered pre-schools and more than 10 registered organisations. Kayamandi is also the home of Health Promoters Head Quarters, situated in the Legacy center.

With a clean cook stove for every fifth household, the vital and growing environment will be safer and healthier and cleaner for itself and for the environment.

And this is only the beginning, because once we have done this, the township will definitely reach it’s tipping point and soon enough paraffin and open fire stoves will be out of the picture forever. That goal is within reach sooner than you might think. Let’s change things for the better!

Join in to sponsor 1000 stoves before the end of 2016!

Local NGO partners of this impactful project:

The Legacy centre, Stellenbosch United Church, Methodist Church, United Church Wisle, A.F.M. Faith Mission, St Johns Church, Assemblees of God Mission, Baptist Church of Kayamandi, Kuyasa Community Development, Pro-chorus centre, Sout Africa Social services, Agency (SASSA), SCDP (Ikaya primary), Trust centre



‘I can’t just cook in our luxurious world, while around the corner there’s hunger.
Sharing is caring, it’s fundamental – especially when working in a problematic social context like South Africa’

– Former Chef Margot Janse of Le Quartier Français, posing with a Clean Cookstove






Supporting wineries and other companies:


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