October 12, 2017


banner langa

Langa means ‘sun’ in Xhosa. But originally it got it’s name from a prisoner of Robben Island who rebelled against the Natal government in 1873, named Langalibalele. Various people fought for his release and brought him to a farm that was called ‘Uitvlugt’. In 1898 people called this land Langalibalele’s Location. Langa was officially established in 1927 and counts over 60.000 inhabitants. 
In Langa we are partners with Brothers for All. This is an amazing project that offers underprivileged people the opportunity to gain skills and get a job. They can follow courses in valuable coding and entrepreneurial skills.

“Sihle Tshabalala co-founder of the initiative, explains that before Apartheid ended, there were role-models in the townships. “We had political activists, doctors, lawyers and teachers. But after 1994, most of them left and now live in the suburbs,” he says. “Who are the role models now? Gangsters, drug smugglers and armed robbers. We need those positive Screen-Shot-2015-04-16-at-6role-models.”” – Venture Burn, 2015