April 1, 2016

Local heroes

Hey Cape Town based hero!

Maybe this is something for you!
An invitation for the Ambassadors network or the Clean Cooking Revolution.
The Clean Cooking Revolution aims for everyone in Townships to have access to a cleaner, cheaper, safer, healthier cooking method. To achieve this, we are enabling Clean Cooking with Clean Cookstoves and sustainable fuel.

township met vlag


About the Clean Cookstoves:

We distribute Clean cookstoves that have been awarded the best by the UN Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Instead of using expensive electricity or toxic paraffin, the stoves burn small amounts of wood pellets, which don’t give off toxic smoke and which heat the house at the same time. Cooking with these stoves will not only improve the indoor air quality; an average household will also save around ZAR 200-300 per month on fuel. An opportunity to achieve a better life. More info on the rest of this website.


About the ambassadors network:

To make this accessible for households who still cook on open fires of kerosine stoves every day, Clean Cooking Revolution is selling the Clean Cookstoves for only 1/3 of the price: instead of R 1080, now only R350. But this is something we only can do with the help of funders for the other 2/3. One way of doing that is the online network of ambassadors, who will all help, on a voluntary base, to invest some or their time and inspiration to spread the word and find funders from their home country or from anywhere else in the world.

About the information evening: 

kyltshaWe’re organizing brainstorm evenings and township visits regularly, so you can meet the people behind the Clean Cooking Revolution with the local group of passionate people running the operation in Cape Town.

We will tell you more about the stoves and their unique benefits.

We’ll inform you about all the benefits you get as an ambassador like the engagement in the project, meeting the local users, a Personal Profile page on the website and more.
And then..  hopefully you’re in!!

At the end of this evening we will plan a date to the group of ambassadors on a tour into a township, to see it yourself, meet our friendly customers, connect with the Clean Cooking Angels and to make lots of nice pictures and videos to use for the website.

Let’s make a difference together and do something back for the townships of South Africa!

Just drop us an email if you want to explore the possibilities as an Clean Cooking Ambassador.


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