September 22, 2017

Master Chef for 1 Day!

Clean Cooking Revolution works hard to realize cleaner and healthier kitchens globally. We save lives by providing clean cookstoves as an alternative to cooking on kerosene, wood and charcoal.

Become a Master Chef for 1 Day!

homechefAre you a passionate and talented cook at home? You’re that not yet discovered marvel, presenting your magic only in your own kitchen at home? Shame!

Share your art with the world and invite your friends to a special night in your own professional restaurant that’s yours for a day: become a Master Chef for One Day!

An experience of a lifetime: create an extraordinary evening for your guests and for yourself. And while they all enjoy your signature dish, everybody automatically contributes to the Clean Cooking Revolution (included in the price of the dinner), making cleaner and healthier kitchens possible in Africa, saving lives of women and children in the world’s poorest areas!


Restaurants join the Clean Cooking Revolution

groupinrestaurantJoin the Clean Cooking Revolution and make your venue available for a MasterChef for a Day. Create a special night, get access to new guests and contribute to a cleaner and healthier cooking environment in places that really need it.

The aspiring Master Chef – supported by Clean Cooking Revolution – takes care of everything. They not only cook a delicious dinner, but they passionately promote your restaurant and even bring their own guests!

You get compensated for the use of your venue and don’t have to worry about anything. Doing good has never been easier! And it will be so much fun!