October 12, 2017


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Philippi is creating new business opportunities for the people of townships. Within Philippi Village, you can find the container walk, a place where entrepreneurs can start their businesses to make a living. In this centre full of opportunities, Clean Cooking Revolution has her stock and local sellers. We believe that if we give the local sellers the opportunity to sell the stove, it will help them to expand their businesses.

In 2011 Philippi counted over 6.000 inhabitants. Every fifth household is in need of a stove. The toxic smoke that is released during cooking, causes respiratory problems and other health issues. In addition, the shacks catch fire easily so the open fires are very dangerous. The paraffin is also a big problem: it is expensive and bottled in soda bottles and therefore dangerous for kids that are alone at home when the parents are working. Besides that it is also bad for the environment.

philippi container walk

So what do we do to improve the lives? All over Philippi we have local sellers to sell the stoves for us, we are giving demonstrations to create awareness and we are raising funds to make this clean cooking revolution possible.

We are making progress and that’s nice, but we still need your help to donate the stoves and improve life in the townships. So, do you enter the revolution?philippi village