February 15, 2016

Preventing fire in Imizamo Yethu

Help victims of the massive fire in Houtbay’s township

On March 11th 2017 a huge fire demolished over 1000 shacks in Imizamo Yethu in Houtbay. It left thousands of people homeless.
Clean Cooking Revolution together with Calore Sustainable Energy is distributing thousand safe and clean cookstoves to the victims of the fire, in order to give them a means to cook their food. But also to prevent new fires in getting the utterly dangerous paraffin stoves out of the township forever.

Although the cause of this fire has not been establish yet – South Africa alone faces 45000 township fires per year, which is one of the leading causes of death and further desperation in our most marginalised communities. Many of these fires are caused by unsafe cooking on open fire or stoves that use highly flammable and toxic fluids.

Innovative and safe and clean cook stoves appliances, that are fuelled by energy efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective wood pellets can prevent these disastrous household fires. The prevention of such devastating fires is at the very heart of Clean Cooking Revolution and Calore Sustainable Energy, and has prompted us in this instance to come together as biomass appliance and fuel partners in a coordinated response to assist the effected families of Imizamo Yethu.

caloreClean Cooking Revolution will supply a 1000 clean cook stoves to affected families and Calore Sustainable Energy will supply 1000 bags of biomass pellets as fuel to these appliances. Clean Cooking Revolution will provide the necessary training and continued support to the recipients of the donations, in close cooperation with Thula Thula, the disaster relief organisation in Houtbay. Once the new houses are build up, we will start distribution.

Please support the people in this Houtbay township now, and donate here to this specific project:



Imizamo Yethu and Houtbay: two worlds together

Nowhere in South Africa are the differences between the worlds of the country so visually present as in beautiful Houtbay, as shown strikingly  in this video by Johnny Miller:

Houtbay’s township Imizamo Yethu is situated in the middle of town. Huge fires have demolished hundreds of shacks in the past few months.
Clean Cooking Revolution is building up network to distribute safe cookstoves, in order to prevent fires in the future. We work together with individuals as well as organisations and are constantly open for new connections.

Ikhaya le Themba

ikhayaIY’s ‘Home of Hope’ for 130 orphaned and vulnerable children in IY Hout Bay, offering after school care with structured programs in a safe and stimulating environment. The programs include educational support, life skills, therapeutic groups as well as opportunities for fun and play and a good meal.
Parents and carers are supported by our community worker through home visits, referral and advocacy. Parenting groups are run offering parent education, emotional support and life skills such as budgeting.

Every stove sold by the people of Ikhaya le Themba contributes to the financial wellbeing of the center.
We have applied with the Cape Town Cycle Tour (the Argus) to participate as a charity team Ikhaya le Themba Clean Cooking Revolution.

Iziko Lobomi

A church-cum-adult training centre, providing a place to meet and learn, as well as providing food for many in the community. The building alongside the main road in IY, consisting of fourteen steel shipping containers arranged in a ‘U’-shape covered by a single steel roof fixed to the containers,  is a meeting place for many.
For every stove sold by the people of Iziko Lobomi, there will be a contribution made to the renovation of their daycare center.

photo: Mads Norgard