February 3, 2016

Our purpose

Our purpose

Clean Cooking Revolution is an impact driven, social venture, that wants to improve lives in townships in multiple ways. We are committed to our sustainable win-win-win business model, that makes the distribution of the clean cookstoves and the necessary fuel, easy and cost-effective. Our mission is to kill the ‘killer in the kitchen’, with over 4 million casualties world wide. 

In essence, we operate as any other business, but proceeds made from selling our stoves and the fuel at competitive prices, are used to make them available to off-grid communities around the country at an affordable rate. Next to that, earnings will support NGO’s to create a sustainable income streams for them to continue and grow their activities.

We believe that the combination of business and aid is the best way to generate positive impact. We have committed ourselves to harnessing the power of business for social good. Our whole team works for this cause and strongly believes that our business model is the way that will allow us to have the biggest impact as well as being the future of development aid. 

Offering solutions for the 1 billion people who are in need of clean cookstoves, our products help make families self-sufficient, sustainable, healthy and safe. Solutions that fulfill basic needs, that work properly and keep on working.

Social venture business model: win-win-win

stoves for the lowest possible price

Although a Clean Cookstove costs around $ 100,- in other parts of the world, we now supply them for a much lower price in order to enter a new market where people are not familiar with the product. Our business model contains the following two steps:

  1. PHASE 1: ENTERING THE MARKET (2016-2017)
    The first couple of thousand stoves are partially sponsored by Clean Cooking Revolution as well as by external sponsors. The end client only pays $ 10 for the product, which makes it an affordable investment for them that they can earn back on fuel costs within the first month.
    To make up with the production costs of the stove, around $ 33,- (ZAR 500) per stove is sponsored by individual donations, families, employers, companies and (government) funds.
    With the positive user experiences and product acceptance, clients will be paying the regular price of ZAR 1500 ($ 100). With the possibility to pay in installments or enroll in a micro-credit program, we will help the client to be able to afford them.

empowering local entrepreneurs

Getting the stoves to the people that need them, is not only our cause, but also a means to an end. We want to create a business opportunity for local entrepreneurs in the townships. As an independent sales person (Clean Cooking Angel), they can make a living getting the product out to their peers and community.

empowering intermediating organizations 

To get in touch with the right potential entrepreneurs, we partner with all kind of locally active community services and organizations. They coordinate the recruitment of the local entrepreneurs and together with them we help them to be successful. Out of the sales a percentage is made available for them to do this. In this way we help these organizations, to make their inspiring work possible and sustainable.

sponsors, donations, funds and pellet sales

Given the above-mentioned facts, in the first phase we rely on funds, donations and sponsoring to cover the costs of our stoves and operational costs and to realize a long term sustainable business. For that, we are constantly creating all kind of possibilities, ranging from crowdfunding, to sponsor activities to impact investments.

Next to that, we have set up a closely branched network of wood pellet points of sale, in cooperation with the existing infrastructure of local entrepreneurs, tuck shops and spaza’s. The small margin made on the wood pellets, also helps to create a sustainable and recurring income stream for the entrepreneurs, the intermediates and for our own organization.